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Ultreya – the Reunion of Group Reunions

Could you use an “unsuspected blessing”?  Please plan to attend the next Ultreya in your area!




o   Second Friday of each month

o   7:00 p.m.

o   Assumption Parish, Kohl’s Hall
o   Bring a dish to share



o   Second Friday of each month

o   7:00 p.m.

o   Holy Faith or Queen of Peace Parish

o   Bring a dish to share

Jacksonville Beaches

o   Third Friday of each month

o   7:00 p.m.

o   Various parishes - Our Lady Star of the Sea, St. Pauls Beaches, St. John the Baptist

o   Bring a dish to share


Our founder, Eduardo Bonnin taught us:

It is in the “witnessing” environment of the Ultreya where those who have just started their conversion process can meet and develop true friendships with other, likeminded people already on the journey.


The Ultreya remains primarily a kind of meeting place where individuals can go to make new acquaintances, to make and be friends — and develop friendships of the type that will drive, strengthen, direct and sustain the conversion process and all its unsuspected blessings.


Whether you are a new Babe Chick, or a veteran Cursillista, please join us!  

Unsuspected blessings are waiting for you!

Jacksonville Ultreya


Second Friday of Each Month

7:00 p.m. @ Assumption Catholic Church

in Kohl's Hall

Contact:  Sandra David, 904-252-6761




Gainesville Ultreya










Gainesville Area Ultreya Meets in Interlachen


The Gainesville Area Ultreya took the show on the road Friday, April 8, 2016


when we were hosted by the women’s group reunion at St. John the Evangelist parish in Interlachen.


About 40 Cursillistas ate, sang, grouped and shared in a spirit-filled evening. There was great representation from Interlachen, Gainesville, Lake City and the surrounding area.


Guitarists Kerry Smith and Stephen Turner led us in song.


Pam Mathes was Emcee for the evening. She welcomed everyone, noting that this was the first Ultreya held in Interlachen. “We’re just so pleased that you all came!” After a few announcements, she introduced Greg Hollingshead, who gave the witness talk.


Greg reflected that the Easter season, reminds us of the first Christians, in the days after Christ’s resurrection. They banded together in community, supporting one another, caring for one another, and praying together. “Sounds a lot like Cursillo, doesn’t it?”

Some other points in the talk:

  • We are bent reeds, but we are strengthened when we “lash” ourselves to one another through grouping, Ultreya and School of Leaders

  • Just as diamonds are polished by being rubbed against one another, God polishes us through our sharing, prayers and support in Cursillo.

  • When we quiet ourselves, and place ourselves in the presence of God, he speaks to us and settles our soul.

  • Taking challenges with children before the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus gently puts his arm around us and says, “Just love them; I’ll do the rest.”

Diocesan Spiritual Director Father Amar echoed Greg’s talk. “Yes, we are bent reeds. But God does not dwell on our failings. Rather, he looks for our readiness. He calls us when we are ready; then, like Mary, it is our turn to say yes!” He added, “When we choose to do one good thing in the name of God, another good thing will come of it.”


Everyone left enlightened, enriched, and energized. A first-time non-Cursillista guest expressed it best. “I didn’t know what this meeting was all about, but I can tell you, I want what you people have!”


Our next Ultreya is Friday, May 13, 6:30 p.m. hosted by the Thursday morning women’s group.


More details coming soon.







The purpose of the witness talk at Ultreya is to encourage your brothers and sisters in Their efforts to become better apostles, in their efforts to be the Lord’s instruments in the many environments they find themselves in.  Family, neighborhood, work and social. The witness should therefore be centered on our evangelizing efforts of how the Lord is working through me to build up His Kingdom.  General sharing can always be inspirational and valuable, but the specific role you are filling is to witness to current evangelizing efforts. That, too, can be most inspirational and encouraging to the Ultreya pilgrims and is exactly what the Ultreya witness is all about: Recent evangelizing efforts. 


What the Witness Talk should not be:

a)  It should not be sensational - no need for Cecil B. deMille productions in Ultreya witnessing.

b) It should not be a sermon, nor should it be instruction in Catholicism.

c) It should not be longer than five to ten minutes.

d) It should not be too emotional. Emotions will be affected by a simple, sincere talk.


What the Witness Talk should be:

a) It should be your life lived out as a Christian-how the Lord is working through you.

b) It should be concrete and practical, carried out in the normal flow of your life.

c) It should be centered on and be about Christ, how you were His instrument.

d) It should be centered in the present, not something that happened six months or more ago.

e) It should be descriptive-explaining who, how and what of the details necessary to make your witness clear.

f) It should concentrate on one or two points, rather than a series of examples.

g)It should be as informal as if you are sharing it with a friend-you are!

h) A brief Scripture passage should be used that will tie into your witness.

The Gospel of John (1:38-39) says that Andrew and another disciple of John the Baptist asked Jesus where He lived,

and He answered: “Come and see.” It continues, “They went where He lived and remained with Him that day.” The events that followed show that  those two men went and saw; they lived together and encouraged each other in Christ.

They then went on to bear much fruit. This then, is the witness we share at Ultreya: The fruit we bear through Christ living in us.

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