School of Leaders

What is the School of Leaders? If we remember the last talk on the Saturday of our Cursillo weekend, we were told that we are already leaders. Leaders who have been identified and invited by our sponsors to live a Cursillo weekend and then use the Cursillo method to live out our Fourth Day.
The School of Leaders is like a school of fish. We are all leaders and we get together in a group to learn more about the Cursillo movement, how it works, what its place is in the Church, and especially what its role is in our diocese. And just like in a school of fish, we take turns "leading" the sessions.
The School of Leaders meets the third Saturday of the month, except when there are Cursillo weekends. Please check your email or our Facebook page for invitations to upcoming meetings.
Sample Agenda/Format:
  • Opening Prayer 

  • Doctrinal Talk: Spiritual Director/Priest or Deacon

  • Technique Talk & Discussion: Layperson

  • Announcements and Update on Weekends

  • Break into Small Groups

  • Closing Prayer

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